Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Song Lyrics: Jaymo ft KC Onana - Out Of The Bound

song Lyrics.

It's your boi Jaymo
From the scratch now, we made it
Heading to the top now
Just by your grace lord
Oluwa ni Elshey ooooo
Couldn't have made it
But you loved us from the scratch
it's Just by your grace lord
Oluwa ni, Elshey ooo (2*)

Rap line
Is like
Started from the bottom now we here
No cliché
We can only say Baba Ese
For bringing us come closer everyday
We may not be at the place we want but we're not where we were
See, this life we live is worth celebrating
Its not by our power but by  favour, grace and mercy
Like, check the morgues and the hospitals
The fact that we're alive  itself mehn is Gospel truth
From the mud, You have brought us to the pinnacle and me I go stay there, don don ni
Daddy mi Eseun gaan, we your boys we be feeling you
And every time I look I see more coming
You gave me my freedom, You open my kolo
But lock me in Your kingdom, never let me go solo
Make me to dey sing song wey go dey motivate,
Wait, but let only Your name be praised
(Repeat chours 2*)

Morning and night, lord l go on my knees
Let your blessing follow my way
Let your love never let me down
(No no no)
From the scratch now we made it
Heading to the top, saying bye bye to the ground(2*)
Now, l gat blessing from the north side
I gat love from the west side
I gat grace from the inside
Lord is all by grace(3*)

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