Thursday, 1 March 2018

G4 Da Bishop - Pericardium Onus

PERICARDIUM ONUS, an extended play album of new music by the International music band-G4 Da Bishop. The project features 7 new tracks and 3 smashed single.

My Life Glows - Download
Stand Up Africa - Download
Sound Of Victory ft Sedoo - Download
Loyalty ft  Xlyon - Download
I Love Fish ft Mary - Download
Light ft Abudei Andrae - Download
My Life ft Seth Rock - Download
Words - Download
I Be Somebody ft Sedoo & Abudei Andrae - Download
Mi Zhin Gbagyiza - Download

PERICARDIUM ONUS is coalatedly produced, mastered,mixed by various big guns. 
Master Fox studios (Ukraine), 
Mr Franko Studios ( Benin Republic) 
Youngpee Studios (Nigeria) ,
Exclusive producer , Danny E. B with other affiliates not mentioned. 
The title of the new album was given following months of critical and solemn deep brainstorming.  The name covers a wide range of societal activities and this is true for the project.

PERICARDIUM ONUS  is a long awaited collection of G -4 Da Bishop musics that will thrill both young, middle age and as well attract the older generation. 

Contact -G4DB empire @facebook/g4dabishop

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