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Interview With The Aspiring SUG Director Of Social Moh'd A Waziri aka Blinkz

Can You Please Introduce Yourself To Us?
I'm Mohammed AbdulSalam Waziri AKA Blinkz AKA We Go Worry. I am a 300L Political Science student of Nasarawa State University, Keffi. I am from Kogi Sate (Koton Karfe LGA) and long before now, I'm the kind of person who has positive passion towards social and entertainment growth that is why I am contesting for the position of the Student Union Government Director Of Social.

What Makes You Qualified For This DOS Position?
The most important thing that makes one qualified for a leadership position is your morality, honesty and loyalty. And on the other hand, I have a very strong social and entertainment background. I started writing poems in my JSS2 (GSS Kuje, Abuja) and I and my friends usually organize poems and debate competition among ourselves and I was also a vital member of the press club.
In 2004 I went into the music studio to record for the first time, and I composed and recorded a song titled African Woman which went o to be very popular back then and it also received a lot of positive reviews so since then I've been putting out positive music that is aimed at promoting peace, unity and  harmony.
In 2007/2007 I was a key member of a music crew known as Kreamcity Entertainment which was a group formed to carter for performing artiste including young and up coming acts, we ensured that every musical talent was respected and our music artistes are  well taken care of by event organizers with the payment of nothing less that N50,000 for every performance.

What Are Your Thoughts On Social Life In NSUK And How Do You Intend On Making It Better?
When it comes to Social/Entertainment life in NSUK, we are far behind compared to other institutions with a SUG body. I have witness series of Social and Entertainment gatherings and I have gotten to realize that Social life is not all about Shows, Clubbing Or Late Night Parties, there are so many things you can do to touch the lives of people and unite them and that is what inspired my plan to organize and conduct a NSUK Cultural Carnival. This carnival would improve the Social, Cultural and Entertainment life in the university. Lastly I would use my office to collaborate with the school authorities to see that we have a recreational garden inside the school where students can go to relax after a long day among other things that will enhance the social life of our great university.
The NSUK Cultural Carnival Is A Very Good Idea, Tell Us More About Your Ambitions, Missions And Goals Once You Get This Position You Are Contesting For?
If given the mandate, I really want to transform the social and cultural life within and outside the University because without TRANSFORMATION, I cannot impact CHANGE and I intend on keeping a positive legacy that would go unbeaten for a long time. The NSUK Cultural Carnival is one of my major goal, We have different ethnic groups in the university and at the same time, we have different political representatives at the local, state and federal level who are representing the different ethnic groups. So I want to see a way of using these people to support and sponsor this carnival that is aimed at uniting us and also strongly aimed at discovering young talents and giving them the platform to showcase what ever creativity that is in them. We would also use this carnival to raise funds and the funds/proceeds would be used in creating, building and introducing NSUK Radio in collaboration with the Mass comm department and I also want to collaborate with the school authorities to see that we have a recreational garden inside the school where students can go to relax and have fun.

It Is Widely Thought That Aspirants Usually Contest For The DOS Position To Mis-manage Funds, Can You Tell Us What You Think About This?
Well, I believe a DOS don't have that open link to money not to talk of mis-managing the student union funds and it is a big crime to mis-manage any funds allocated to you because you're breaking the law and also going against the school constitution, so my administration is going to be transparent and very accountable!

Are We To Expect Better Organized Events From Your Administration?
Most definitely, that's a promise and there's no way I can achieve that without the full support of the DOS FORUM which I already have and without the support of the students because I strongly believe the students are going to be one of my greatest wealth.

Security Is A Major Concern At School Organized Events, Will There Be Adequate Security At Events You Would Be Organising If Elected?
Some people think that without money, one cannot get total security but that's not true. My office is going to tackle that issue and make sure that before any event, we would submit a letter to all security agencies from the police to civil defense down to the local vigilante and most importantly the school security requesting for their aid in ensuring the safety of Nasarawa state university students and it's visitors.
Nsuk Hasn't Seen Much Of A-list Artistes, Do You Have Any Plans Of Bringing Them For Events Once You're Elected?
Yes, That's my number one plan when it comes to improving entertainment in the institution.

You Said Something About Young Talents, How Do You Plan On Taking Care Of NSUK Artistes?
As a musician, I believe every talent has to be respected so I am going to make sure these artistes are well appreciated and given the platforms to showcase their talents, I will also enusre they get maximum promotions on online platforms like NsukGist, NSUKGuide & NSUKFINEST. They will also be provisions for Street Shows And Talent Hunts and I will make sure every NSUK artistes gets paid a reasonable amount of money for every performance they do.

As An SUG DOS, You Have Plenty DOS Under You, How Do You Plan On Taking Care Of Them?
They are my team-mates and back-bone, so I will make sure to inform them first about whatever I want to do or put in place and also carry them along. They have my complete loyalty and I'm going to make sure their decisions matter

As An SUG DOS, Hope Women Won't Be A Major Distraction To You?
No, Not at all, I am a very principled person but I have big plans for all the females in the institution, I want to carry them along in everything I do and I want them to also be fully involved in every activities that would be taking place in and around the school. Women are blessings to us so we need to support them, empower them and give them countless opportunities.

Thank You Very Much For Your Time Sir, We Wish You All The Best
Interview By Sadiq Abdullahi Umar
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