Saturday, 26 May 2018

Top 10 Hottest and Single Guys In NSUK.

We all know Nasarawa state University is an institution filled with handsome Prince-charming, however when a roll-call of Nasarawa State University most handsome, smart, intelligent, talented, popular, swagalicious, well- dressed and super adorable guys are made, it’s an inevitable feat that some must just be mentioned before others.  These young and handsome personalities have distinguished themselves and standout from the crowd in terms of their handsome looks, social life, dress sense and talents. 

No doubt every man is handsome in his own right but even among the good there are the better and the best. Ask around and you would hear their names. They are the ones whose handsomeness, academic, talent and social prowess makes you stunned and awed whenever you step into the University.

NSUKFINEST in collaboration with NsukGist & NSUKGuide presents to you the top 10 Handsome and Single guys in NSUK.
9Plus  [Ilyasu Suleiman]
Kogi State born Multi talented Singer and Music Producer whose craft has toured beyond the shores of Nasarawa state University and who is passionate about his career. 9Plus as he is fondly called has never been linked with any girl in NSUK. He has collaborated and worked with big names in the Nigerian music industry and is from the department of Public Administration and the President of All NSUK Performing Artistes [ANPA]. He sure has a way of capturing the hearts of ladies with his soft and melodious voice.
Comr. Bashir Musa
Basheer is the President, Faculty of Law. It is not enough to list without mentioning the handsome and brilliant Faculty of Law President, Comrade Basheer Musa. His unique character, brilliance and receptiveness surely make him a cute face to behold. He was a major contender and the just concluded S.U.G Elections.
MC Holy Prince Majid 
Majid tops the list of lover boys in NSUK. HPM as he fondly called is one dude who surely knows how to make people laugh and crack their ribs. A moment with this handsome dude would leave smiles on your face for days. It’s always love at first sight anytime you see HPM. He has grown to become one of the most sort-after comedians in NSUK. A little peep on his social media handles would leave laughing and rolling over the floor. He is a final year student of Theater Arts Department and a guy whose heart is open to all. His effortless and cool sense of fashion doesn’t hurt either.
Divinelove Udorji
This list cannot be complete without mentioning this chap’s name. He has succeeded in registering his name as NSUK’s most talented and creative writer. Hardly is there any news story emanating from NSUK without his name boldly written on it. He is passionate about education and a guru in his own right. His handsome face is capable of melting any woman’s heart including a heart made of stone. He is a final year student from Mass Communication department and doubles as the Director of Socials of MACOSA. This chaps smile alone is surely gonna make a wrinkled face smile in admiration.
High-B [Ibrahim Oyetola]
The gentle Yoruba bad boy is a promising internet entrepreneur, Hype-man/social media influencer, blogger and media mogul. He is a free spirit and friendly dude whose aura of friendliness envelops the air anytime he is around. This guys is talented in so many things including getting the attention of beautiful ladies, In-fact lots of people refer to him as the ladies man. Let's not forget he is also a very popular footballer.
Dj Fancy [Adams Dauda]
Fancy is one humble and handsome social director whose humility coupled with his  good looks gets you staring at him over and over again. He has often times been described by people as an embodiment of handsomeness and brains. With his dreamy eyes and a perfect jaw-line he is the heartthrob of ladies in NSUK. He is the Director of Socials of Faculty of Administration and the President of NSUK Director of Socials Forum.
OtuBlinks [Patrick Otu]
The Kaduna state based singer is one talented song writer and singer who uses his song to inspire and unique people This list would do no justice without mentioning the super adorable and handsome OOtuBlinks. He is one dude who stands out from the pack. A good looking dude with swag and dresses well. He is one cute guy in NSUK who dictates style and taste. Otu is a student of Sociology Department and signed to SamRev Entertainment.  
Another brass and an outstanding personality in NSUK. The Abuja based singer is one cute dude that has carved a niche for himself in NSUK entertainment scene. This is one guy that gets your neck turning and spinning 360 degrees just to have a better look at him, causing ladies to lose their mind with his bright eyes. We believe it took God a long while to create a masterpiece like him. His sense of style makes him look more attractive in every single attire he wears.
Mr Fresh20
 This is one guy that loves to showcase his originality and loves outdoor chilling and shisha smoking, his dress sense is topnotch and his fashion sense seems never to go wrong. Mr. Fresh is from the department of Geography. He has been rumored to be one of NSUK’s best dressers with a swag that could make a woman drool nonstop.
Bennett Atumah [Choosky]
The warri born student of mass comm department NSUK is a stand up comedian and model, this is one young dude  who's well known for his crazy hairstyles that gives him that super bad boy look. He has this warri accent that gets you wondering which planet he fell out from. You would have no choice than to fall in love with this dude when you see him smile and walk on campus. 


  1. I know five of them that ain't single abeg hot that I can't lie about they are really hot����